Brilliant Bross anthracite mats
    Samples :

Mat height: 12 mm
Rubber ramp width: 14 mm
Mats dimensions: custom made

Brilliant Bross anthracite mats

The textile foot mat is used indoors as the second stage of cleaning after the outdoor mat. It collects fine dirt that is not removed during the first cleaning phase and absorbs excess water from the shoe.


Professional textile floor mats with a rubber bottom and an edge ramp made of rubber represent the optimal solution for use in public and commercial buildings such as: shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, colleges, schools, kindergartens, health care facilities, manufacturing facilities, residential buildings and other objects various purposes.


Due to the ability to make them in different patterns and colors, they will enhance the visually cool and spacious spaces and make them comfortable to stay. The rubberized bottom and the edge of the rubber ramp give the mat an excellent anti-slip properties on any substrate.


Internal use at heavy traffic entrances.


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